How can ADVantage help optimize the work flow process of your agency?

Administration has a complete overview of the company and it's employees. Administration has access to the complete set of modules offered by ADVantage. Management feature allows employees to be split into groups and be assigned different positions within the organization. Management features allows senior staff to set restrictions on modules, as well as, approve or reject work processes. Financial Restriction can be implemented by management.

Send, receive and edit creative briefs. Approve, reject or review creative briefs. Upload Artwork. Clients can approve or reject submitted brief. Creative Directors can make remarks or offer suggestions on job-specific briefs. Time control on creative assignments. Completely systematic process.

Through this module you can manage the complete research section. This module helps you to create your own, Survey Form, Manage the Database, Email the Survey Form to the Targeted Audience, Collect the Replies from the Audience and, Analyze the Survey Results , Sending Mass Emails

The built in "Internal Mail" feature optimizes the flow of communication between management and staff. Communication becomes internalized. Keep an electronic record of briefs, daily reports, bills and quotations.

Assign Sales Tasks to specific individuals. Accept/Reject of Sales Task by employee. Client Servicers can request for a Quote or Brief. Client Servicers can effectively communicate with cost estimators on quotations, budgets and cost. Different sales targets can be assigned to different employees.

ADVantage offers elementary Financial Control, Asset Management Forecasting and Costing, Issuing Quotations and LPO's, Recording General Expenses Managing Payroll, Tracking the Billing Process, Payments and Reciepts

Ability to request for a quotation, Quotes can be approved or rejected through the system, Uploading Client LPO, Supplier LPO generated electronically, Invoices, billing, delivery and payments received are recorded and sent electronically, Storing Information and creating databases of suppliers and clients.

The electronic "Punch-In" feature allows management to track employee times and schedules. "Time Frame" feature allows management and employees to set expected deadline dates against each job or project.

Maintaining employee payroll and schedules, Maintaining Freelancers and project costs, Generating Salary Information/Tax Slabs/Timesheets/Loans & Advances of every employee, Recording Time-in/Time-out, leaves, absences and schedules of each employee, Provides agency with a complete HR Solution.

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