InterPublic Advertising since…,

has been a force to reckon with in multifarious advertising solutions integrated with technology.

  • We are not only Software Developers or Ad Creators……We do both.
  • We bring Creativity and Technology together in this high-tech digital world where Innovation is key to success.
  • Pro-experts in creative technology and software solutions set us apart in field of advertising.
  • Our expertise in ERP Systems, Sharepoint Applications & Mobile/Ipad Apps make us most coveted in various industries to provide range of IT Solutions.
  • InterPublic Solutions proudly launches its first Ad Agency Software-ADVantage.
  • Crafted for Professionalism…Created for Simplicity.
  • ADVantage is dynamic multi-platform software for Ad Agencies and Communication Houses of more than 30 Employees.
  • Simple Software for hosting people and work on single platform.
  • Integrated with 10 Customisable Modules for handling different functions within Agency.
  • Super-specialty software with enhanced features to streamline and optimise agency workflow.
  • Simple and ready-to-use ADVantage simplifies your agencies work process. So work smarter, don't work harder….
  • Easily customisable with PC'S and Androids/Tablets/Ipads, you work on ADVantage when glued to your seat or on the go.
  • Designed in the real-world of advertising, ADVantage is built and tested by AD Professional can be used by everyone in agency right from receptionist to management.
  • No need to open multiple-tabs when you are on ADVantage-Keeps your Browser and workstation clutter-free.
  • ADVantage becomes one point of contact for your agency employees, departments and multi-location branches.
  • ADVantage is a single board to look up for all information you want regarding any employee, department or branch and store data electronically in single system.
  • A smooth router , ADVantage navigates all documents electronically within your agency and multi-location branches at one click.
  • Full-servicing Software, ADVantage unifies all the functions of agency within its 10 in-built Modules-Management-Finance-Sales-Production-Creative-Research-HR-Internal Mail-Estimation-Others.
  • Time Control tool, ADVantage keeps you updated with deadlines and status of projects within agency.
  • ADVantage is a real-time tracker to streamline your staff activities and automates business processes.

All the work from scratch to peak of project is achieved by ADVantage….

  • ADVantage is hassle –free software, easy to install and compatible with your current PC'S, MAC'S , Tablets & Mobiles.
  • ADVantage takes 6-12 weeks to get ready for your agency according to its size and needs.
  • Deployment of ADVantage is split up in 3 steps
    1. Analysis
    2. Set-up
    3. Training
  • You only require to call our professional team- tell them about your agency's exact needs. We roll out and configure your ADVantage in 2 weeks.
  • Once ready, we work with your IT People for preparing machines and network in your agency for smooth transition and launch it next 2 weeks.
  • Next 2-4 weeks, we focus on training your group of super users all about using ADVantage and basic know-how of software.
  • Your super users get full support online and at your offices from our Tech-Support Team for next 4 weeks till ADVantage starts working to your advantage.
  • Order ADVantage…Be at Advantage…..
  • ADVantage works at its best for mid-size to large Creative Houses of more than 30 employees.
  • With its 10 In-Built modules, ADVantage smoothly navigates work flow from Management to Employee – from one department to next and one branch to another unifying everyone and everything on single in-house system.
  • Work traffic, Internal Communication, Database, Accounts, Costing, Briefs….everything falls in one place…..
  • Reception, HR, Management, Creative Studio, Sales Team……all come together on one work station…..
  • In-built "Punch-In Feature" allows every employee to electronically record in their Time in/ Time out, Meeting Time In /Time Out and Leave Time Out/Time In.
  • Admin and Management can track employees presence and absence according to their schedule feeds online.
  • Timesheet can be generated by HR for every department, branch and each employee with complete attendance record by month and year in one place.
  • "Time Frame" allows to set "Deadlines" by Management/Admin/Employees for Jobs assigned ensuring its completion and delivery to client on time.
  • Risks of Miscommunication and Delays in Response can be frustrating and also time-consuming.
  • IN-built "Internal Mail" smoothes all creases of in-house communication and speeds up responses.
  • No need to Sign-in to your individual mail accounts on separate browser. Send Daily Reports, transfer heavy files & folders, creative layouts, bills, quotations, all through ADVantage.
  • "Chat" facility enables voice and video chat for conference and meetings to discuss urgent needs of clients or getting on-spot approvals for important projects.
  • ADVantage is one information mine where you can find all data in one place.
  • Employee database, Supplier's details and LPO's, Freelancer's records, Projects under process, Job Completed, Bills paid, expenses incurred, Assets Depreciation, Salary, Tax Slabs, Quotations approved, Brief details, Revisions asked, Boss's remarks, Artworks, Purchase inquiry, Meetings schedule, Notes, Reminders…….You get everything on ADVantage………..
  • Upload, store and manage data and streamline information on ADVantage, electronically.
  • "Print" and "Convert to Excel" features also allow you to preserve hard copy of important documents like bills, invoices, timesheet, briefs, Salary Sheet, Asset Depreciation Chart, Cost Sheet and more for offline reference.
  • "Search" feature allows you to type a key phrase and search for data manually.
  • In-Built Module Tabs for each function helps you to navigate through stored information at its source.
  • Assign and manage work schedules on ADVantage.
  • Admin/Management can assign Sales task to Sales department, send creative briefs to studio or notify employee about new jobs on ADVantage.
  • Employees can view their jobs assigned with details of client, deadline and brief. One can make notes for jobs to be done in a day and set the " Status" for jobs assigned.
  • Admin/Management can keep tab on all projects under process on "Timeline", alert employees about deadlines and seamlessly push work from one table to another faster.
  • It's the Mantra we practice…..and so should you……. ADVantage is your online , digital expert accountant..
  • Add and Manage all your Assets whether current, long-term, fixed, tangible or liquid on ADVantage. Generate "Asset Depreciation Chart" to know current value of your fixed assets.
  • Forecast budget of project, add project value against the jobs assigned, add expenses incurred on job, generate "Cost Sheet" for particular client and update entire cost of project.
  • Send/Revise quotations to Management for approvals, generate LPO'S to elect suppliers and minimize the delay in costing approvals.
  • Record all general expenses like meal vouchers, conveyance, and upload bills to keep tab on all small expenses.
  • You can maintain salary, tax slabs, loans & advances of employees on ADVantage HR Module.
  • Billing Feature allows you to track payments made and received. Upload suppliers invoice, freelancer's invoices for Management reference to make payments, generate invoices for clients to demand payments, and upload necessary bills to time your income and expenses.
  • Admin/Management can assign creative jobs to studio through embedded Creative Module.
  • Send details of client, media, size, job type, briefs and documents like logos, graphics, edit layouts, revisions all from ADVantage.
  • Artists can approve/ reject jobs, set deadlines, view briefs, act on revisions, upload layouts for approval form studio.
  • Entire creative process is streamlined seamlessly without any hiccups and delays giving best service to clients.
  • You can assign sales task, set target amount, give deadlines for carrying out costing of jobs through in-built Sales Module.
  • Sales employees can accept/reject sales tasks, view briefs for tasks, update current jobs and carry out whole sales task on ADVantage.
  • Sales Person can request for quotations or revisions from Estimator, send them detailed brief of Client requirement and budget.
  • Estimators can send the quotations accordingly, Sales person can forward quotations to management and clients for approval/rejection.
  • Sales person can view approved quotations with exact budget, response from clients and management, create client database and upload client LPO'S.
  • Invoices, billing, delivery, payments all can be maintained electronically.
  • Management can keep track of sales departments targets and record history of sales tasks and targets achieved in past for performance review.
  • Complete sales quotations, job costs and project budget can be smoothly communicated between management, estimators, sales department and clients on one platform seamlessly and swiftly.
  • Client servicing thus becomes faster and easy process.
  • Estimators can view quote request details from sales department.
  • You can generate Inquiry Form, fill in details with client requirement & budget , mail it to suppliers, upload responses from suppliers- send and receive approval/rejectionns and revisions from sales people, admin & management.
  • Upload and generate Suppliers LPO'S and maintain accurate database of suppliers electronically.
  • Invoices, billing, payments, cost sheets, budgets all is recorded and transferred through Estimation Module embedded in ADVantage.
  • You can carry out extensive research ad/product campaign from ADVanatge with its Research Module.
  • You can generate, create survey forms and prepare questionnaire as per age, sex, profession of target audience.
  • Email forms in bulk through mass mails at one click.
  • Collect responses, filter and classify to get clear picture for advertising solution.
  • Manage database of clients and audience electronically for record.
  • Set up your own PR Agency at no extra cost.
  • You can generate time sheets of employees, departments, branches to review absence/ leave records, meeting schedules, jobs assigned/completed and working hours.
  • HR Module helps to maintain Employee and freelancers database, salary information, tax slabs, loans & advances, freelancers project costs and important documents like ID, photos, passports, medical insurance, health card, etc electronically.
  • Complete Human resource Management on ADVantage.
  • As Admin, you can monitor and streamline workforce within agency, across branches and oversee whole company from ADVantage sitting at your desk.
  • You can give/deny rights to access certain modules to super users of ADVanatge.
  • You can split users in groups to assign projects and track progress.
  • You can micro-manage entire organisation every minute through ADVanatge.

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