Fully integrated Software

An integrated software management solution designed for midsized and larger agency officers

IP Solutions is a dynamic and multi-platform software solution specifically designed for advertising and communication agencies. IP Solutions integrates all front-office agency tasks and processes into a single and easy to use solution.
The software can be implemented by all the employees in an organization – everyone from the receptionist to the creative and production managers to the directors in the agency can find the necessary tools to make their jobs easier and workflow smoother.

Data not secured properly?

1) Are you positive nobody can hijack all your data and information in a matter of seconds? How secure are you?
2) Are you confident that unauthorized personnel cannot access critical data? Is confidential information such as finance data and price lists secure?
3)What would be the consequences and repercussions if you suffered from a robbery or a server crash? Can you afford to waste your resources on data recovery?

IP Solutions secures all your sensitive data and information by providing you with the opportunity of granting privilege rights. As a user you can apply access rights to all financial data, information and records - Specific people have rights to specific information. Now you can access your files and data from any location without any fear of security. Compared to your average internet browser, IP Solutions provides the user with an encrypted and secure connection.

Inefficient team performance?

1) Is there any miscommunication between clients, managers, and the creative team? Are they over-worked?
2) Are you wasting time fixing mistakes that could have been avoided?
3) Are you getting the most out of your creative team?

Mess in layouts, files and documents?

1) Are you able to find the most up-to-date version of your documents? Are they lost in a clutter of files and folders?
2) Have you ever had problems accessing important information or data such as contracts or quotations or layout because a former employee is no longer working at the company?
3) Have you ever lost important data due to a hard drive crash? Did you backup your files? The repercussions can be substantial.

IP Solutions grants any agency a fully integrated document management solution. All important documents such as briefs, quotations, layouts, purchase orders, invoices, contracts as well as business emails, and scanned documents will be stored in one automatically organized place that is protected by access rights. The software allows you to search millions of documents in a matter of seconds.

Lack of time-booking tools?

1) Are you meeting client deadlines? Do you have a problem keeping deadline promises?
2) Do you have easy access to the creative personnel needed for a project?
3) Are your creative people being overworked by account managers?

With IP Solutions, creative personal can be easily found and creative time can be easily booked. Managers can easily check who is booked and who is free allowing him to grant realistic time estimates and meeting deadlines. This avoids overworking the creative personnel consequently creating a healthier and happier working environment and work force.

Lack of NDA security measures?

How do you make sure that the information under NDA isn't being leaked? Is somebody tipping off the competition? What are the risks?

IP Solutions ensures that all documents and communication under NDA are only visible to the people who are assigned to the specific pitch. This protects the information from individuals who are not authorized to view it. Access controls are the hands of the managing director of the agency. Only he or she can set up the security levels without any need for support from IT specialists. Even system administrators do not have access to such secure settings.

Lack of practice in making formal tenders for purchase orders?

1) Is the production manager getting the absolute best price from third party suppliers? Is he getting the best price for the agency?
2) Are you suppliers being benchmarked in order to obtain the best price possible for your agency?

IP Solutions provides you with the necessary tools to manage and purchase orders plainly and resourcefully.

The individuals responsible can issue requests for proposals and purchase orders easily within the system. The software ensures that the people in charge are instantly informed about unexpected purchases that exceed the estimated costs or budgets. All purchase orders are subject to electronic approvals therefore ensuring that no purchase order leaves the company without proper authorization.

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